Healthcare designer. Curious human.

I am a user experience leader who has been designing, building, and shipping digital solutions for almost twenty years. For the past decade, I've focused on transforming the healthcare experience by leading cross functional teams and delivering human-centered solutions. Healthcare is broken - let's fix it!


My vision is a world where health seekers get the care they need, when they need it, through effective, efficient, and satisfying experiences.


My mission is to inspire healthcare designers and problem solvers through clarity of purpose and effective collaboration.

Design Principles

Healthcare is a journey through a complex system. As designers, we must demonstrate empathy while working with patients, providers, caregivers, and other stakeholders to create positive outcomes. Consequentially, my healthcare design principles are anchored in self determination theory for care seekers, prioritize systems thinking, and create stakeholder engagement.

Autonomy even over guidance

Provide people with the autonomy to make meaningful choices, even over the opportunity to guide them in a particular direction.

Progress even over perfection

Reinforce progress and competence through regular, clear feedback, even over aspirations of perfection.

Relatedness even over goals

Illustrate the relatedness of what the person is doing to why they are doing it, even over the urgency of the immediate task.

Systems even over solutions

Adapt to the practices and processes of existing systems, even over the desire to release new features.

Outcomes even over use

Focus on the real world outcomes of the health seeker, even over the utilization of the solution.

What my colleagues have to say.

I'm fortunate to have worked with some incredibly talented folks over the years. Here's what some of them have to say about me.

"Alex's efforts helped our area become the model for how other divisions incorporate UX methodologies. Alex emphasized cross-discipline work groups, promoting shared understanding among various functional teams which ultimately strengthened our products."

Anthony Rezendes
Senior UX Manager, Kasasa

"Alex is a great model of servant leadership in the context of User Experience Design. He cares deeply about the outcome and what it takes to achieve quality user-centered application design, but is equally committed to growing his team through hands on coaching and transparent communication."

Samantha Bailey Fast
Director of UX, Optum

"In my time working with Alex I’ve found him to be an insightful manager, an engaged project lead, and an innovative user experience professional. Starting with a deep knowledge of UX best practices and methodologies he then augments that knowledge with an approach full of curiosity and desire to learn."

Patrick Purdy
Director of UX, Optum

"Alex is a rare mix of "let's get things done" plus design strategy plus inspiring and guiding a team of designers plus applying solid design principles to his solutions. I admired his team's dynamic and aspired to cultivate a similar culture to my team."

Jen Shaffer
Director of UX, Optum

"You've been one of the very best managers I've ever had. Your persistent professionalism and commitment to addressing the needs of our team while navigating an ever-changing and often confusing corporate landscape are commendable and will continue to serve as an example to us all."

Ron Scott
Senior UX Designer, Optum

UX Community

I’m blown away by how many talented designers are out there making the world a better place, and the incredible way in which designers support each other. Whether it's through mentorship, sharing resources, or just having a conversation, giving back to the UX community is important to me.

Director of Mentorship and Career Development for Austin UXPA.

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